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About Our Wholesale Christmas Trees

There is no more iconic symbol of Christmas than a real Christmas tree. Every year when the Christmas Season arrives, there is a rush for consumers to find the best trees at the lowest prices. In order for the customers to get the best prices, the retailers have to get the best prices, and there is no better place to get low prices than at Shatley Farms, a supplier of wholesale Christmas trees. You can get a quote, and the products will be delivered on-time for the retail season. Whether your business is a major chain or a small, local nursery, we can provide you with the trees you need in order to be prepared for the busiest shopping season of the year.

Shatley Farms provides only the greenest, freshest trees available in the industry because we know those are the trees customers want to buy. Grown on our own farms, from the highest quality seeds, we deliver only the best of our excellent crops. Each tree is individually cared for, carefully harvested at just the right time for delivery, and inspected to make sure our clients receive green, fresh, highly fragrant trees. While we are based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, we service Christmas tree retailers nation-wide.

As a leader in wholesale Christmas trees, we specialize in high-capacity fulfillment. Running out of trees means losing out on profits. If customers arrive to see an empty lot, they will go elsewhere, both to buy their trees and to do other holiday shopping. Instead of losing sales, have your trees delivered on time and en masse. A full lot that can be seen from the road will bring customers to your store, drawn in by the sheer excitement of Christmas tree shopping.

Growing Christmas trees is an earth friendly industry - real Christmas trees emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Shatley Farms believes in environmental responsibility, so we use only the most environmentally-friendly growing, fertilizing, and harvesting practices to ensure that our business does not negatively impact our surroundings.

You want your customers to find the best trees for their decorating needs, something that they will remember and will bring them back next year for yet another tree. We can help. For over 40 years, we have been supplying retailers with the best trees for their customers. Whether your need just Christmas trees, or refrigerated delivery, or inventory tracking, Shatley farms has the tools to make sure you can satisfy your customer needs for the holiday season. Don’t believe us? Contact us now for a free quote.

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